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Transcending All Boundaries. KINTEX, one of Asia’s “top 5” exhibition and convention complexes, puts all the world’s industries on display. KINTEX shows the World

Area of Business

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Attracting Exhibitions Conventions
								    Marketing to attract local and overseas exhibitions and conventions
									Expanding strategic alliance with overseas exhibition centers and joint development of business
									Globalizing exhibitions with export consulting services
								  Hosting KINTEX-Brand Exhibitions</h4>
								  	Branding exhibitions with differentiated promotion strategies</strong>
									Developing small scale exhibitions via a strategic M&A (KINTEX-brand IMAC, SENDEX, etc.)
								  Leasing Subsidiary Facilities
								  	Actively promoting an auxiliary business line based on customer satisfaction
									Food and beverage facilities, shopping and support facilities
									Developing an advertisement and auxiliary business line