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Transcending All Boundaries. KINTEX, one of Asia’s “top 5” exhibition and convention complexes, puts all the world’s industries on display. KINTEX shows the World

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* The schedules below are subject to change. Please contact our lease consulting staff to find out exhibition schedules.

Article List
exhibition month schedule list
Title Date Organizers Category

2019 PMI Korea Convention
2019.11.15 ~ 2019.11.15 event

2019.11.16 ~ 2019.11.17 event

2019kKAFA Koera Arts Festival Artfear
2019.11.20 ~ 2019.11.24 Korean fine arts association, KINTEX event

하이마트 세일즈마스터즈 1,2급 실기시험
2019.11.21 ~ 2019.11.21 KINTEX event

2019.11.23 ~ 2019.11.24 KONNECT ENTERTAINMENT CO. LTD event